Sunday, July 19, 2009

Right Here Tonight

A song composed by both exco traffic and one of our traffic member.

Prefectorial Board 08/09 Bureau Traffic is special.

Because everyone of us is special and unique.

We don't have afternoon session bureau traffic which differs us from others.

We have a very kind exco and also a very pretty exco.

We have traffic conductors that guides traffic no matter during sunny day or rainy day or even during special occasions.

We have those lovely traffic members who say Good Morning to the students in the morning.

Our bureau sold the most tickets during movie ticket sales.

And I guess our bureau has the least dramas.

Right here tonight.

All the things that,

we had experienced together,

tears and sadness,

joy and smiles.

I am glad that,

I'm one of this big family,

And right here tonight,

I wanted to say that...

After all the time we had together,

friendship and leadership,

were kept in our heart,

dancing gracefully.

After all we've done,

rules of life and reality,

were bare in mind,

Forever and Ever.

More pictures on Facebook. xD

Eileen Chin.
Member of Prefectorial Board Bureau Traffic 08/09

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For those who wrote on my Facebook wall,thank you.

For those who sent me SMS,thank you.

For those who bought me something,thank you.

I sincerely thank these people for making my Birthday a special day.But I'm sorry as I am unable to list all their names.

My first birthday present(s).

Happy socks from Jia Nyuk,Madeleine and Catherine Tang.

Thanks to 19 people for this necklace.=)

Including Keh Yue,Cherry,Jenny,Michelle C.,Ying Nuo,Yik Tze,Yik Chee,Joshua,Francis,Shirley W.,Xin Yin,Nikki,Kelvin,Zen Zuei,Elaine T.,Jordy,Joyce,Alvin Ho Bo Ai and Stefanie.=)

Thank you Daphne for sponsoring me these snacks.

Thanks to Julie for this plushie.I don't know it's more to a key chain or a plushie.LOL.

Thank you Yon Lin for this cute cup.But it's too cute that I don't wanna use them.=X
All the best to you too.

Thank you Winnie for this.Although I don't know what is this but since you say it looks like me,then I guess I'm as dark as it.LOL.

Friday, July 10, 2009

To my friend

You never understand the very reason I was mad.I was always mad at.

But you forgive me though I yelled at you like no one has ever yelled at you before.

You put the smile on my face easily...

You kept your promise that you'll never let anyone leaves you.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

My weekend

Another post full of photos.=)

Went to visit F&N Coca Cola Factory yesterday.Unfortunately phototaking wasn't allowed so...this is all I have.

L to R:Yon Min,Yon Lin,you-know-who,Michelle,Jocelynna

Went to a photography workshop in LimKokWing University this morning.Samantha Si and I think it was kinda bored.=.=

There were seven representative from Green Road.One of them is Michelle.It was suppose to be ten of us but three couldn't attend.Oh wells,it was my first time.

Imagine around 6 schools and each school has 10 students.Two of the schools has 20 students each.ALMOST everyone carries a charming DSLR on their neck.Left,right,front,back you'll see a DSLR.While I'm only carrying a normal digital camera.It feels kinda awkward I think.I want one DSLR too.><

I had a nice morning walk.=)

Student's product designs in the gallery.

Architecture designs by students.

Another one.

Product advertising?I don't know what are you suppose to call that.

Transformation.This is fun and awesome!I like each of them.

So creative!

I like this idea too.But there were a few people squeezing in this area so my picture turn out to be like that.

=( Hate the reflections...


LimKokWing's own cafeteria.

Their Mac Lab with all the Macs.*drools*


Food packaging designs by students.

Everything bout soy beans.=.=

Outdoor photography session.

Like the background,the angle but not the model's pose(head).

Another shoot.

Nothing much.

Then,Michelle and I went to take photos of the sky and basketball net instead.


Going to Jenny's church tonight.=) Someone is dancing.And it has been a long long time I last seen someone.

Monday, June 08, 2009


Not only my cough and sore throat didn't recover,I even caught a fever.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

My voice...

I'm back from camp.MIGHT update and MIGHT not update bout it.It depends.

My voice currently is super duper funny and "nice".

Just call me up and I'll show it to you free.1 on 1 service somemore.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Finally my blog revived a little

This is a post full of pictures.Specially dedicated to Abby the dinosaur.All are my 'self-taken' pictures ah.

Guess where is this road gonna lead you to.

Try harder.

Nice or not?

Don't doubt.It was really taken in Kuching.

Good morning!

Welcome to Santubong beach.=)

Guess who's that.

I think after I published this post,a few will come and complain to me why go beach din't bring them.Wakakaka.

Can see what's the small thing sticking on the rock?

Tadaaa~I was told these are Hermit Crabs.Wanna see more?

A lot MORE.Right?

Went to Santubong with Jenny and her brother, an aunty and her kids,and the main character,Rev Hui Ying.Without her,we wouldn't be there.She had to give a talk to my church's senior youth campers so we tagged along that aunty's car who sent Rev Hui Ying to Santubong.While reverence was giving her talk,we enjoyed ourselves at the beach.


Had a nice day today.Last night went to watch Monsters VS Aliens.Not bad.Quite funny.I like Bob.Haha.And going to play badminton tomorrow evening.Thursday to Saturday I'll be having camp at Goshen.Sunday,go church.=) Feel so happy that this week is already packed.Make me feel contented.

I haven't have any plans for next week except for the weekends.So Monday to Thursday is free and open for booking.=)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give me some ideas

Finally an update.I'm sorry for those who came and check for updates everyday and click the close button with disappointment.To the new readers,you're most welcomed.

The main reason I've been abandon my blog is not because of exam,but because of I'm lack of idea bout blogging.

So,exam just ended few days ago.Holiday started.Movie marathon,drama marathon are on.Oh,I'm having a camp next week.My church youth camp.And a photography work shop at LimKokWing school next next Saturday.Lydia's also coming back on that day.And another church activity going on that night.I think these are the only highlights for the holidays.The rest will be sleeping and watching DVDs.

Lalala.See,I'm lack of ideas to blog again.

Oh,and I'm recently hooked on Facebook.I do play Mafia Wars,Restaurant City,Pet Society,Rock Legend and Friends For Sale.If interested,then add me.=)

Signing off.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear blog,

Semester exam is here so I won't be coming here very often for the next two weeks.Do take care and tell the readers not to miss me too much.

p/s:Im hungry now.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Igniting the fire,spreading the flame.

It's an inter-school youth celebration.Quite a lot of them from Green Road.Many unexpected people attended.Hope they were really there to worship God.

Myself had a great time though.Enjoyed the songs and time spent with the H0ly one.Get to know many nice hillsongs.Every second of it was wonderful.:)

Guitarist of New Empire(a christian band from Australia)

Someone preferred the bassist over the guitarist

Went to someone's house earlier that morning.Someone was home alone.Lol.And I think I've bothered someone studying.Sorry ya.

o.O candid shot by someone.This kid so adorable right?