Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Those who have been listening to Hitz recently might realised there's a song that has malay,chinese and tamil lyrics in it.It's somewhat a very catchy song.I tried to look online but couldn't find it but thanks to Hugh who mentioned bout the official site during tuiton yesterday.=)

Must watch/listen to this!Especially if you're a Malaysian.I'm a Malaysian from Malaysia but I'm not Malay.(It sounds strange to foreign people ok)

By clicking this,or the flash banner at the sidebar of this blog,you can go to their official site and download the song,the video or the lyrics you want!!!

Actually bout the banner,I wanted to use the red one with lots of wordings bout too bad that's the horizontal one.And the one on my sidebar is the only siderbar type!Hmph!=(

p/s:The song also features Jason Lo!!!And omg I think that was the first time I see how he looks like.He's the one wearing yellow jersey.*I think!!!*And can you spot Amber Chia???The video features her by the way.


Evelyncyl said...

Nice video! I've heard that songs a few times before, but it never crosses my mind that it's produced locally! :)

Eileen said...

lol!it actually crossed my mind frm d part whr dey have gt malay,chinese tamil singing part.nice's kinda hot on hitz